DotA2 has yet again gained a new hero: Elder Titan. For those unfamiliar with the more classic versions of DotA, he is based on Tauren Chieftan.

Elder Titan is a strength hero classed as an initiator and a tank.

Echo Stomp – Elder Titan stomps the ground dealing 80 damage and knocking affected enemies for a maximum of 5 seconds.

Ancestral Spirit – Elder Titan sends his Ancestral Spirit forth for 8 seconds and will do a maximum of 240 damage to any enemy it passes through. It will also give bonus movement speed to both friendly creeps and heroes. The player is also able to return the Ancestral Spirit at any time.

Natural Order – This skill reduces enemy armor by a maximum of 80%. It will also amplify all magic damage dealt for a maximum of 26%.

Earth Splitter – Elder Titans ultimate sends a jagged crack in front of the hero. It takes 3 seconds to cast and will deal damage based on the maximum life of all affected units affected. It does both physical and magic damage and will also slow enemies by a maximum of 50% for 5  seconds at level 3.

Elder Titan was previously known to become part of the DotA 2 hero roster when a Reddit user posted photos of hero concept art from Valve. Also unreleased and included in the list are Goblin Techies, Pit Lord, Abaddon and Legion Commander.