Interceptor Entertainment is a group of hardcore Duke Nukem fans, mostly known for the remake of Duke Nukem 3D and Rise of the Triad. Now, they’ve put up a teaser which indicates that a new title involving the ass-kicking and bubble gum chewing hero might be on its way.

A couple of years ago, the Danish studio was working on a new Duke Nukem game, aimed at a more mature audience, but that came to a sudden halt for unknown reasons. Now, the new website has made its way to the interwebs. The site pictures a package of Kick-ass brand bubble gum, and a countdown timer. There is also a Facebook campaign where the developers are trying to get 10,000 likes, in order to decipher a secret alien message.

Though, reddit user DuEJag have already deciphered the secret message on the website and summarized it in an image.

Image by DuEJag on Reddit.

Image by DuEJag on Reddit.

If DuEJag has deciphered the secret alien message correctly, this means that Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction will be a action RPG for PC and Playstation, running on the Unreal engine.

If all of this is correct, let’s hope this game will be a lot better than Duke Nukem Forever, cause that was not a very good game.

I also noticed that the website has gone offline a minute ago, maybe due to DuEJag’s deciphering skills.