Ten years after her debut, Dawn is back. Learn more about the new downloadable tech demo and check out 6000×3000 screenshots on GeForce.com: http://www.geforce.com/whats-new/articles/new-dawn/

The new DX11 compliant Dawn features a lavishly rendered environment with particular detail to hair and lighting, almost as good as something you’d see at the cinema. As Joystiq point out: “Dawn’s hair is also shown in much more detail: The original version had 1,700 strands that couldn’t move, and this version realistically renders 40,000 strands of hair, reflecting light at various angles.”

Dawn also features sub-surface scattering for ultra realistic lighting effects for super realistic skin.

If you have a new GTX card, you can download the demo yourself. For those of us who can’t afford the best rig… well at least we still have Lego.