There’s something inherently creepy about putting all your senses into one place. What if someone breaks in when I’m playing Skyrim? I can’t even use headphones for longer than 40 minutes at a time, but I’m a notorious coward.

Brendan Iribe, speaking in Brighton, doesn’t care about my concerns of course, and says that whilst the Rift device is currently focused on PC and Android beta support, there might be room for the consoles down the line.

“We love what both the console guys are doing. I hope one or both of the console guys make VR headsets, or something similar, like an AR headset.

“The more that they push into this space, even if it’s a different device, or their own device, a different experience, the more that they’re throwing into AR and VR, the better it is for everybody.”

That said, Iribe would also like to see Oculus Rift compatibility hit both formats at some point, “We just want this to work, ourselves. We want to put on a headset and for it to be awesome. We’re going to try our best to make the very best experience, the very best VR device. We’d like to see it eventually become compatible with consoles, but right now we’re mostly focussed on the PC side – we’d love them to come up with something.”

Are you afraid of virtual reality technology? Or do you own a safe-room? Let us know in the comments below.