Having reached 35 million downloads on the iOS and Android towards the end of march, OMGPOP have now surpassed that with 50 million downloads.

Zynga, who paid over $180 million for OMGPOP and the rights to Draw Something, has released some details pertaining to the popularity of the game, counting over 6 billion drawings created thus far. That translates to roughly 3,000 drawings per second at this time.

Draw something has snatched Angry birds space off their #1 spot pedestal in the app download rankings.
Whilst a lot of attention has been aimed at OMGPOP’s twitter feed lately, with the OMGPOP CEO Dan Porter insulting a former employee that voted against Zynga’s buyout of the company.
He has now apologized for his behavior, but the internet is quick to anger and slow to forgive.. though it does forget easily.

Having hit 50 million downloads so quickly after its release on the iOS’s the game has become one of the biggest sellers in the last few years.