You may have seen the Arma3 countdown timer posted today by Bohemia — something I’m certain is nothing to do with the campaign.

In a couple of emails between myself and designer Karel Mořický over the state of Arma3 since launch, he stated “Plus I myself am developing yet unannounced multiplayer feature, which may radically change how this game is played.” This was on the 10th of November last year. Since then, nothing hugely major has been implemented on the multiplayer scene.

He ended that email with “In other words, if you’re not motivated to switch to Arma 3 yet, you’re about to get plenty of reasons soon.”

On Janurary 22nd, I followed up on the state of the game, in which Karel stated that “there’s a major announcement regarding multiplayer coming in February.

“So major it may even be worth mentioning in your magazine.”

So that clears all that up. In 27 hours, something apparently major and reason-giving will be announced. Isn’t that exciting?

As an addendum, there will be people worried about Bohemia Interactive slating DLC and paid content in the near future. I doubt that’s going to happen soon from the conversations I’ve had with them. I don’t get the impression that anyone at Bohemia considers it finished.