As the longest day of Summer settles in, Android celebrate the season by offering us a ‘Longest Day Sale’ . Browsing through the selection of 69p apps, noting Mass Effect Infiltrator, GTAIII and some other useful applications, I stumbled across Order & Chaos Online, a game I knew about but hadn’t played. Originally priced at 4.99, with a subscription of as little as 99p a month, I was tempted – but was I really ready for a premium subscription MMO on a handheld device? Especially one that is a blatant and unapologetic WoW clone.

We’re all accustomed to WoW clones on the PC: Runes of Magic, Allods, and Gates of Andaron all spring to mind. Having played Runes of Magic, I knew what a WoW clone entailed and, unfortunately, knew that for me at least, it wasn’t a viable way to ditch the subscription costs of its AAA brother.

Alas, back to Order & Chaos. 69p won me over, for a sense of morbid curiosity, and when I’d downloaded the gigabyte and signed in with my Gameloft account I was met with the familiar stench of glorious WoW cloned fantasy richness. This wasn’t a bitter taste, however, because I was playing on my Samsung Galaxy Note; a phone that, with a 5.3 in screen, makes the most mundane of PC specific tasks seem like a miracle of modern science.

Logging into Order & Chaos, I created my Elf Mage and head out into the world.

Now, I’ve played other Android MMO’s – and they’ve all been fairly poor, DS looking games that haven’t really offered much – especially with respect to a PC quality environment – but this was different. Visually stunning (for a phone MMO), Order & Chaos managed to encapsulate me and have me enthralled within minuted. It’s not that the game offered anything new – it really doesn’t – it just has everything within our nostalgia unit shoved into a tiny little box in my hands. That is incredible. 

For 69p I was playing a premium MMO, which looked about as good as WoW does on a notebook, with a similar level of depth and mechanics. It has players, it has crafting, it has loot and it has dungeon. This is an MMO in every sense of the word. 

If you’re tired of the grind – killing boar after boar after bore after snore – then a great way – at least I have found – to give that activity some sense and meaning, is to shove it on your phone.

If you’re interested in trying this out for yourself, Android users head over here and exploit the sale deal whilst it lasts. iOS users don’t despair, you can head here and pay an inflated price (so you can pay for one of Apple’s staff bean-bags or whatever.) Doing a little quest here and there, with no real drive and goal, with players around you, in a real and substantial MMO world is a really wonderful idea on hand-held devices – and whatever your views on the dynamic of traditional MMO’s, maybe they’ve found their place in the palm of your hand, where the novelty has enriched an otherwise stale experience.

This is science, friends! Whatever you think of the game, or traditional MMO’s, it’s well worth the investment just to experience all that nostalgia in the palm of your hand. Just don’t blame me if you slowly forget the ingredients of the nearest shampoo to your toilet.