High-end PC manufacturer Origin has switched their graphics cards due to technical issues.

When it comes to the production of high-end PCs, there are two major graphics cards manufacturers to choose from: AMD and Nvidia. Today, Origin has changed their mind and will no longer sell PCs that sport an AMD card and will instead contain an Nvidia GPU.

While there are several different reasons behind Origin’s decision, the most objective reasons relate to a number of issues experienced with AMD GPUs.

“Primarily the overall issues have been stability of the cards, overheating, performance, scaling and the amount of time to receive new drivers on both desktop and mobile GPUs,” said Origin technical support manager Alvaro Masis.

“Origin PC is dedicated to providing the best experience for our customers and right now that is with Nvidia GPUs,” Origin CEO Kevin Wasielewski told Polygon. “It’s not about brand loyalty or marketing; our loyalty is 100 percent to our customers.”

For comparison’s sake, the Xbox 360 and the PS3 both sported Nvidia grapihics cards. However, earlier this year it was announced that both Microsoft and Sony have switched from Nvidia GPUs to AMD for their next-gen consoles. Interestingly enough, Nvidia said that they did not want to work with Sony on the PS4 anyway because it would set back their profits and they would rather have their engineers work on more cost-effective projects.