It was probably inevitable, but the fan-made 3D adventure game Pokemon Generations has been announced as cancelled by developer Xotaku.

The game was showing promise, but it seems the team was being too weighed down by financial and legal problems for the project to be viable. Created in Unity, the game promised to give fans what they’ve always wanted; a full 3D Pokemon adventure game, with a proper battling system.

“It’s unfortunate, but something that, to put it blunt, has to be done. Reasoning includes a handful of things – legal, financial, and personal – which were taken into account when the decision was made,” writes Xotaku in a post on the game’s forums. “All of the donations were used as stated for server costs (which ended up totaling at around $500.00) funding us for 10 months since May 31st 2013, and none for personal gain or pleasure. They were greatly appreciated, and allowed PokeGen to get some fairly significant attention, so thanks to all of you who lent that helping hand.”

The developer claims to have held on to the project as long as he could.”I tried to give the game something of a revamp after the December 1st update as I felt it was necessary to keep the project alive,” Xotaku states. “After some thinking, it wasn’t that at all, I was doing it to be spiteful – to prove people saying that we (I say we a lot, but realistically it’s been my pretentious conscience making the decisions) were going to cancel the project soon, so I kept going to prove them wrong.”

“They were right, and spite is not a good reason to make a game at all, especially not one trying to pay homage to another franchise. It’s hypocritical.”

Although Pokemon Generations is dead, hopefully the guys behind it will move on to their own IPs and projects. In the meantime, if you need a 3D Pokemon fix, you can always try the imaginatively named Pokemon 3D.