The big announcement has just finished but so far, Sony hasn’t revealed anything specific about the PS4’s specs. It seems like they really made it a point to make things as vague as possible.


The PlayStation 4 will be equipped with an x86 processor with eight CPU cores, 8gb GDDR5 RAM and an “enhanced PC GPU.” The system will ship with the new DualShock 4 controllers which includes a touch-pad and a positional tracking feature similar to the Move. The previously rumored “Dual Camera” will serve as a tracking device for the DualShock 4.

One of the features previously unheard of is the sleep function. Similar to the PSP and Vita, it enables the PS4 to enter a low-power state at any given time so you won’t have to wait to boot up the PS4 to return to where you left off in a game.

There have been plenty of improvements regarding the social capabilities of the PS4. Facebook integration, as well as Sony’s very own social network, has been introduced and will drastically change the position of social networks in the gaming community.

Players are now able to share as well as livestream gameplay with just a press of a button. The PlayStation Eye can also be used as a webcam so your friends can watch you play like they’re right behind you looking over your shoulder. Another great development is the new feature that lets a spectating friend take over the game you’re playing.

The new PlayStation Network can now be accessed via a smartphone or tablet. Users will be able to download games which are automatically uploaded into the system while they are away.

The PS4 now has background downloading which enables users to play a digital game before it even finishes downloading all of the content.

There was a rumor that the PS4 will feature local play with the Vita. Sony took it a step further by allowing the Vita to stream your games directly from the PS4, much like the Wii U.

Sony did not give an exact launch date for the PS4. All we know is that it will be released “Holiday 2013.”