We can agree it was a kind of fiasco

Arma III developers are quite candid when it comes to what went wrong, and what they’re doing to fix it. Rather than release a lot of buggy content to be repaired later, Bohemia Interactive are once again using Arma 2 as an example of how not to do things, as I learnt from a game designer from the team, Karel Mořický.

The Arma series remains the worlds most innovative military simulation software. Aside from Call of Duty of course.

The Arma series remains the worlds most innovative military simulation software. Aside from Call of Duty of course.

We asked what Bohemia Interactive were doing to facilitate Arma II players’ transition into their new military simulation. We also called into question the relative lack of content in  Arma III, with a delayed campaign release being released as “free DLC”, and their new direction with the campaign.

Although Arma III has full Steam Workshop support, we were curious as to whether or not Bohemia Interactive were interested in transitioning Arma II mods such as the popular Ace Mod or Benny’s Mod into the game.

Mořický pointed out that “Our top priorities at the moment are introducing Steam publishing of addons and mods and releasing development tools. Once that’s ready, there will be nothing stopping popular Arma 2 mods from moving on to Arma 3,” so it seems unlikely that Bohemia are in a rush to help introduce fully fleshed out multiplayer mods.

On the campaign side, Mořický said “I know that the lack of campaign can be a let down, but we believe delaying it was better decision than releasing it unfinished. That’s what happened in Arma 2 and [I think] we can agree it was a kind of fiasco,” he admitted.

At GamesCom 2013, Mořický told us that much of the campaign had been scrapped half way through development, from an emphasis on RPG elements to more “Flashpoint style missions”. That would explain the delay, although it would not explain why it has been pegged as free DLC, rather than simply late day-1 content.

Mořický informs us to “Expect smaller, more detailed scenarios in Flashpoint style, rather than overly-ambitious and glitchy Arma 2 open missions.”

Fans hoping for more interesting Arma III multiplayer modes – especially those of you missing Warfare mode – should expect something interesting from Mořický himself, since “I myself am developing [a] yet unannounced multiplayer feature, which may radically change how this game is played.

“In other words, if you’re not motivated to switch to Arma 3 yet, you’re about to get plenty of reasons soon.”

Interesting stuff indeed.

Source: PCGMedia interview.