Everyone wants a fully 3D, open world Pokemon game. Unfortunately, the closest Nintendo has come to this was in 2004’s Pokemon Colosseum, which allowed the player to walk around prerendered environments then battle in 3D. It wasn’t exactly the Pokemon game people were hoping for. And it doesn’t look like Nintendo will put out for a while yet. However, one Pokemon fan going by the alias of ‘Xatoku’ has brought out an unofficial release that sets out to give what Pokemon fans have been waiting almost two decades to play.

Pokemon: Generations is an on-going project that allows the player to explore in a completely 3D open world, with seamless action-based battles. Players are able to actually throw Pokeballs to release and capture Pokemon, and direct control of battles is given. Here’s some game-play footage:

The game still has a way to go before it can compete with Nintendo’s best but, from what we’ve seen, Pokemon: Generations has promise. We’ve given it a play (playable build available for download here), and there’s definitely a solid foundation on which a decent game can be made. While the graphics are fairly basic, they suit the material and have a charming hand-made quality. The graphics are all created by Xatoku himself, although the sounds are currently being ripped from the official games.

With the game shaping out to be better than most would expect, we can only hope Nintendo’s legal hounds don’t catch the scent.