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We’ve made it as safe as possible for our readers to browse and their social networking/YouTube portals. We don’t require any user/public information to browse our site, and nothing is stored on our servers. All our plugins manage user details securely through their own respective servers (for instance, Disqus).

Because of this, we require absolutely no information, which means we are incapable of phishing, retaining user data, or pinpointing locations or names of users. We have a 100% privacy transparency policy, and users can read/browse/and comment anonymously*.

*Anonymity subject to internet browsing rights and Disqus terms of service, which we do not control. vows to protect user privacy, and will never use your user information*.

*Users who ‘Like’ PCGMedia through our pop-up will appear on our Facebook page, subject to Facebook terms of service. You do not need to ‘Llike’ PCGMedia in order to browse, comment, or read our articles.


All advertisements – in any form – appearing on are connected via HTML banners which link to the respective advertisement’s page/product. Because of this, clicking on an advert on will exit this website, and from that point on, our terms of service no longer applies; the website you are taken to now applies. We cannot guarantee your safety on other websites, but our advertising policy is to work only with safe websites with terms that mirror our own.

We do not receive compensation for ad-space referrals, our policy is selling ad-space. We do not join affiliations, or trade in user data.

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