Details are scarce at the moment, but Sony have announced that the PS Vita will be able to remote play at least some PS4 games, similarly to the Wii U’s proprietary remote, and Nvidia’s SHIELD device.

An additional line on the official PS4 website quietly expressed the following feature:

“Play your favorite PS4™ games on your PlayStation®Vita’s beautiful 5-inch display using Remote Play.”

It’s unclear exactly what games will be compatible, but we don’t see why there’s any reason it should be limited to those designed to work this way. If it involves streaming software installed on the PS4, and on the Vita, similarly to the way Android and iOS communicates with Splashtop, there doesn’t seem to be any reason why everything shouldn’t work.

It’s unclear as to whether the technology mimicks the Wii U’s remote, or SHIELD/Splashtop, though.

It’s worth noting that both Splashtop and SHIELD require Nvidia GPU’s to work to the full for this feature on mobile devices, with AMD GPU’s forcing windowed mode on users.


Because of this, the software must be proprietary to Sony, which should indicate their own method of transmitting the screens data to the Vita, rather than a rehashing of Nvidia or the Wii U’s method.

More details as they come.


Playing 1080p games truncated to 5 inches sounds great, but everything looks tiny! I’ve tried playing Xcom: Enemy Unknown on my 7″ Nexus 7 at 720p, and even that seemed a little too small. It’ll be interesting to see how Sony manage proper HD gaming on tiny devices.