The PS4 bundles sanctioned by Sony have been revealed for the UK. These five bundles will be available for buyers in the UK from the launch of Sony’s anticipated console.

IGN have confirmed through retailers GAME that there will be five bundles available for purchase. Here’s what you can expect from each one:

  • Standard package containing the Playstation 4 and one Dualshock 4 – £349
  • Playstation 4, one Dualshock 4, and Killzone: Shadow Fall Special Edition – £399
  • Playstation 4, one Dualshock 4, and Watch Dogs – £399
  • Playstation 4, one Dualshock 4, Killzone: Shadow Fall Special Edition, and Driveclub – £439
  • Playstation 4, two Dualshock 4s, PS4 Camera, and Killzone Shadow Fall Special Edition – £449

Adding a game to a PS4 preorder costs £50, which suggests that the RRP for games for the Playstation 4 will be £55-60. The UK RRP for games has not been confirmed by Sony just yet, although it will be $59.99 in the US.

Even if titles are sold for the minimum price of £55 in the UK, gamers here will be charged a considerable amount more than over the pond.