At least, don’t buy it until you know what it really is. You have the right to be informed.

Bold move PCGMedia. Perhaps, but given that the publisher okay’d -75% discount on the Hammerpoint Interactive title, we figured we should point out the simple fact that it’s the re-branded release of War Z. Yup, the title that received international condemnation from basically everyone for being a shoddily released title, threatening to ban its users from payment gateways, and, according to some, claiming the development house were going to pack up and run if it didn’t sell well.

It has a Metacritic rating of 20. It was forcibly taken down from Steam for a period, after it was found to boast of features it didn’t have. It still offers screenshots which are not indicative of actual gameplay. The games’ producer later came out to say that, since it’s an MMO, possible or potential features counted as features that were in the game. Hmm.

Hammerpoint Interactive claimed the change of title was because of a legal battle with the film producers of the newly released The War Z, however, we believe that due to the nature of the reception of the title, and the amount of time that has since passed since the marketing and release of the film, this was more of a re-branding effort much in the vein of Orion: Dino Beatdown.

We’ve been made aware that many people voted for the title in a flash sale, simply not recognizing it as the zombie MMO War Z, and we don’t want people to make the same mistake twice.

If you want War Z, then buy Infestation: Survivor Stories – but make sure you knew what it was, and of its reputation, before you took the plunge.

We probably won’t be doing this again.