The last of the remaining THQ IPs – mainly Darksiders, Red Faction and Homeworld – have been auctioned off this week.

The 17 bids submitted this week are expected to bring in $6m to $7m, according to Polygon. The offers will be presented to a bankruptcy court and the purchases will be finalized in May.

It is still unclear who bought what but THQ’s remaining IPs were categorized into six different groups:

- Darksiders series

- Red Faction series

- Homeworld series

­- MX series

­- Other Owned Software, including Big Beach Sports, Destroy All Humans!, Summoner and more

- Other Licensed Software, including Marvel Super Hero, Supreme Commander, Worrms and more

Earlier today, mobile and desktop app studio teamPixel wrote that they were outbidded by another company on the Homeworld IP. The studio had plans to develop Homeworld 3 for PC, Mac and Linux.

In February, Vigil Games Lead Designer Haydn Dalton confirmed that there will be no more new titles in the Darksiders series. However, a month later, Crytek USA announced that they intended on bidding on the Darkiders IP. They have also set up a new studio in Austin, TX, with 35 of Vigil Game’s original team including former GM and co-ownder David Adams who is now the current CEO of Crytek USA.

Source: Polygon