The release of Xbox One will also see a complete redoing of Xbox Live. One of the big new features is an updated reputation system. Currently, this is limited to a simple five star rating, which doesn’t seem to do much to deter players focused on ruining the fun for others. However, Microsoft have said that the new system will learn the nice players from the nasty, meaning that matchmaking systems in games will match trolls with trolls. It is unknown how exactly this sytem will work, or how many factors it will take into account, but this is good news for players just online to have a good, friendly time.

Speaking to OXM, Microsoft’s Senior Product Manager has said:

“What we’re looking at doing is creating a very robust system around reputation and match-making. If people are in your friends list, we’re not touching that, we’re just making it easier for you to come together. It’s really the anonymous side of things where we’re making these investments. Ultimately if there’s a few per cent of our population that are causing the rest of the population to have a miserable time, we should be able to identify those folks. There are industry best practices we’ve looked at, about giving kudos and props to people who behave well. We’ve learned from everything we’ve seen, and we’re trying to take it to the next level. So there’ll be very good things that happen to people that just play their games and are good participants. And you’ll start to see some effects if you continue to play bad or, or harass other people en masse. You’ll probably end up starting to play more with other people that are more similar to you.”

This system will be similar to that in Dota 2‘s low priority pool, in which reported players must stay in a rewardless, troll-filled community for a set amount of time. This has proven effective for Valve in stopping players leaving games early, and limited the amount of nastiness that goes on in the chat. Hopefully the system can work for Microsoft too.