The latest patch for League of Legends contains an official matchmaking game mode called ARAM.

Champions are chosen as in All Random and all ten players go mid on a single-lane map. The fountain does not provide health and mana/stamina regeneration so the only time you’ll find yourself at base is when you’re dead. Despite how much of a hassle that sounds like, ARAM is actually a lot more relaxed. Considering how there are five champions in one lane, enemies will seem a lot less intimidating because you have your whole team to back you up.

The fact that you’re not allowed to back to base unless you die will yield some very interesting item compositions. Games will also last shorter than the usual 40min to an hour match.

ARAM will pave the way for new players to try out new champions without the pressure that comes with 40 minutes of a larger, more open map.

ARAM isn’t completely new to League of Legends. Players were able to play in an ARAM map by making a custom game and using the proving grounds tutorial map. Riot has created an official ARAM map to go with the new game mode called The Howling Abyss.

Players can also “reroll points” which allows them to spend 200 points to re-roll their champion if they happen to not who they were assigned to. This feature was added to keep players from quitting a game if they’re too picky with their champions.

For a full list of the patch notes, visit their official website.