Note: Since publication, EA have said that it is “categorically untrue” and that Dead Space remains an “important IP” to the company. 

EA has been rumored to have cancelled the development of the next installment of Dead Space after its predecessor it failed to reach their sales target.

The official sales figures of Dead Space 3 haven’t been released yet but their first week of sales in the UK was down by 26.6% compared to its predecessor Dead Space 2.

According to an anonymous source at VideoGamer, Dead Space 4 was already in pre-production at Visceral Games but EA has halted development “and effectively axed the series.”

Visceral Games Motreal, the studio behind the Dead Space franchise, is rumored to have closed last month due to the the recent layoffs across a number of EA studios.
EA is planned to restructure its Montreal studio in February, “many people are being retrained for new positions…a small number will be released.” However, according to a former Visceral Montreal employee (via Game Informer), “the entire studio has been laid off.”

Recently, EA has announced that, following Dead Space 3, all of their future console and PC games will include microtransactions. Funny enough, EA’s Chief Financial Officer Blake Jorgensen said that “consumers are enjoying and embracing that way of business.”

Source: Videogamer