Unfortunately, it’s one our interviewer posed to John Mamais, the game’s executive producer, and possibly not something actually in the game.

Talking to Mamais, we asked that if an NPC “really dislikes” Geralt, could that person then send Geralt on a quest that would put his life in danger, when Mamais posed the idea that NPC’s will dynamically react to Geralt.

Mamais said “that’s a good idea,” when we pressed on the notion that raising and lowering prices based on reputation might not really be enough of an innovation.

“It’s a good idea, but it’s not in there yet?” we replied, at which point Mamais said “I don’t know if it is or not actually,” joking that “if it does get in there, you can’t take credit for it.”

He did confirm however that there’s “going to be knock on quests based on dispositions of communities, we just don’t know a specific example. Yeah, it’s a good idea.”

Regarding the ‘detective mode’, Mamais confirmed that tracking monsters with Geralts ‘red sense’ is a major mechanic, featuring in most of the monster hunting quests, which see Geralt tracking monsters from stories told to him by NPC’s, finding clues throughout the world.

Mamais later went on to explain how they’re “having contests to see who can come up with the best easter-eggs in the game,” when asked if they’d push the boat our further than Bethesda’s Skyrim.

He also confirmed that The Witcher 3 would feature around 100 hours of gameplay, and “if you do everything, it’s going to be even more than that.”