According to Tretton, “we’ve got the most powerful machine on the market; $100 cheaper than our competition; and most importantly, the biggest, most diverse exclusive line-up of any platform ever launched, and that’s what’s really going to drive the sales for us in the long term.”

Stating the price, performance, and games catalog as reasons why the PS4 is advantageous over Microsoft’s Xbox One, Tretton seeks to make the decision regarding which to by a total no brainer.

According to the president of the SCEA, their focusing on the needs of the consumer and the wants of the developers has given them clarity, securing a PR win for the Japanese company.

“We’ve had formidable competition in the past, we’ll have formidable competition going forward. You get laser-focused on your business vision and you execute what the gamers want.”

Unfortunately for Sony, the Xbox One is beating their launch date in the UK with the 22nd of November in all territories, but Sony beat the US manufacturer with a 15th of November launch for the PS4 in the US, but a UK launch of the 29th, a region which has traditionally favoured the Playstation over the Xbox.