Shinji Mikami has revealed some details on Bethesda’s upcoming horror title The Evil Within in a video interview. The interview was spotted on NeoGAF, conducted in Japanese and translated into German which was then translated to English courtesy of a user at The Evil Within forums so it might not be completely accurate.

The Evil Within will center on Sebastian as a character that is strong enough to overcome all the incredibly gruesome events that will take place. Mikami emphasized that he did not want a character of weak constitution that could easily be psychologically damaged. He explains how he was never a fan on those characters in horror movies that just lose their minds and run away screaming in fear. Whenever he sees these type of characters he says that they should “just die already!”

Mikami also revealed some details regarding the game’s HUD and other visual indicators. Sebastian will be able to sense when enemies are nearby and will go into an alerted state which is apparently a “crouch-like” position. Once the enemies have disappeared, he will revert back to his normal state. It is unclear what this “crouch-like” position is but I get the feeling that it’s close to a fetal-position which completely contradicts Sebastians alleged strong character but then I may be wrong.

According to Mikami, The Evil Within will have little to no interface and object labels will fade in and out when approached. However, the player will be able to access an inventory and weapons which will come in the form of a circular menu.

The Evil Within will hardly have any sound or music whatsoever except for a few indicators. He also revealed that there will be enemies that cannot be seen but can be heard.

Mikami did not, at the time, want to reveal anything about the use of a lantern. However, the reported did jokingly say “I’m betting the lantern will go out during a bad time?” to which Mikami replied yes.

Mikami explains why The Evil Within is titled Psycho Break in Japan. The reason behind this is that the word ‘psycho’ is much easier for the Japanese to pronounce. He went on to say that he chose ‘psycho’ because the game is steeped in psychological elements. As for ‘break,’ the protagonist must overcome horrible things and break through. Mikami, however, didn’t explain why he chose the title The Evil Within for the western market.

If you speak German then check out the full interview here.

The Evil Within is due to launch in 2014 on PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and the PS4.