Today, most of the world is celebrating christmas. But after Santa’s paid his visit and when you’ve stuffed your face with wonderful food, you can start up your console and continue the festivities in Los Santos.

For the first time ever, the streets of Los Santos are  covered in snow. Beside that, the latest update for Grand Theft Auto V offers you a discount on many of the game’s weapons as well as apartments and vehicles. You will also be able to buy holiday themed clothing, such as awesome Santa and reindeer masks.
Rockstar also released an updated version of “Snapmatic” which includes new filters, borders and facial expressions to be used when you snap your selfies. You will also be able to create ‘memes’ by adding text to them.

The discounts will be available until January 5th, so hurry up and stock up on grenades and other items, for more information, visit Rockstar Newswire.

And remember to drive safe, it will be slippery out there.