Roberts Space Industries have released a new patch for Star Citizen’s Hangar module, bringing with it virtual reality support via the Oculus Rift.

The Hangar module is available to backers of the upcoming game, and allows players to explore a ship hangar. What’s in the hangar depends on the backer rewards earnt by the player.

From the announcement page:.

A new Hangar patch is now available via your launcher! Patch 11.1 adds support for the Oculus Rift to the Hangar module, which was promised as part of the $12 million stretch goal! Oculus owners can now get a first look at their ship collections using the 3D headset. Be sure to let us know what you think!

This is a pre-alpha release. There are a number of known issues regarding the Rift support; a complete list is available in the patch notes

Star Citizen is expected to release at some point next year, and has so far raised almost $40,000,000 in crowdfunding. If you’re interested in backing, check out the official site.