In a bizarre video from popular videogame reviewer Angry Joe, on YouTube, which talks about his problems reviewing the title due to coop connection issues on Steam, it emerged that the games Senior Producer, Kenneth Lindenbaum, had been applying some strangely tactless PR prowess on the games hub.


In a thread dedicated to the connection problems, the commentator, who gave no indication of his name or position as Brand Manager/Producer, simply said that it “works fine for me,” adding that the “Game uses Steam servers.”

Angry Joe did some digging, first looking at the users Steam page, where it emerged that kenneth.lindenbaum had racked up hundreds of hours in game, unlocking achievements as early as Janurary 16th, a long time before the games release date. It became clear that Lindenbaum was at least part of the development process, so Joe turned to Linked-in, where evidence confirmed this:

for me

The Linked-in profile matches the username kenneth.lindenbaum, and clearly shows that he is – at least on some level – involved in making, or branding, the game.

This understandably blew Angry Joe’s mind, to which he exclaimed “Of course the game works for you. You’re a developer!”

Mr Lindenbaum gave no indication that he was a developer working on the project, nor did he attempt to hide it, which makes us wonder exactly what the point of his comment was.

In the same video, Joe speculated (although claimed it was, essentially, “off the record”) Digital Extremes PR perhaps made fake Metacritic user accounts to boost the user score of the game. He attributed the fact that they refused to give out early review code to the notion that they understood the game had fundamental problems. Both of these allegations are merely speculative, and we see no evidence for either of them.

Still, Lindenbaum’s actions are at odds with his position in the company, and his comment would be seen as detrimental to the projects image rather than a supportive act.

We assume that Lindenbaum spoke out of personal love for the project, rather than officially for the company – but that remains to be seen.

A very odd story indeed.

All credit goes to Angry Joe for spotting the comment. Hat’s off to you! His page on it can be found here.