Deconstructeam have released a teaser trailer for their intriguing point and click thriller, Gods Will Be Watching.

Originating as an entry created in under 72 hours for the Ludum Dare 26 game jam, Gods Will Be Watching is seeing release as a full game for PC, Mac, Linux, and mobile devices. From the Indiegogo description:

Gods Will Be Watching is a game about hard decissions and moral dilemmas in order to survive. A series of dramatic puzzles where not only the mathematic outcome counts but also the ethical approach to the problem.

There’s also no good or evil, just decisions, with only you as the judge of your actions. Is eating your friends the best way to stay alive, or just the easier?

The full release of the game will feature branching moral decisions, resource management, extensive dialogues, and, of course, puzzles. Gods Will Be Watching also has some very nice 2D sprite work, with a style as distinctive as the game’s unusual name.

If you’re craving some old-school point and click action, filled with meaningful decisions and a deliciously dark sci-fi setting, Gods Will Be Watching might just be one to watch. Check out the teaser: