Zenimax Online Studio’s revealed last month that The Elder Scrolls Online will be entirely in third-person perspective to accommodate enemy spawn patterns. It was announced today that the game will now fully support first-person perspective.

According to Destructoid, the test for the first-person perspective isn’t completely done yet. “[It] didn’t feature arms, weapons, or full functionality,” said Dtoid.

He was, however, shown gameplay footage of a fully functional first-person perspective mode “that looked just like a classic Elder Scrolls game,” said Dtoid. “It was fast, fluid, and extremely impressive, to the point where it looked like they were playing Oblivion or Skyrim at times.”

Since Zenimax decided on third-person perspective from the beginning and only reverted to the option of a first-person perspective last month, it’ll take them a while longer to develop a fully functional first-person mode. It is still quite a long ways away from the launch of The Elder Scrolls Online so there’s no need to worry about the first-person perspective functionality as it “will ship complete with the game at launch.”

The Elder Scrolls Online is still in closed beta but you can take your chances and sign up at their official website.