It might be a gimmick considering the negative press surrounded the TV show and the game as a universe together, but the Syfy channel with Trion Worlds are offering the chance for players to appear in the TV show, in the form of a competition.

To be eligible, players must register to be a part of the competition, and earn the most ‘ark salvage’ per hour during the contest period, between April 30 and May 10.

Having completed both Most Wanted pursuits, players will be eligible to win the competition. You can access the pursuits from the games in game activity HUD.

The chosen winner will have his likeness rendered somewhere in an upcoming episode.

So, to recap, there’s one winner, with an artistic interpretation to be rendered somewhere, ominously, in an up and coming episode.

There’s no comment about potential cheaters, though, since the game still suffers from an incredibly lax anti-cheat system.

This all comes as in a recent article, the TV shows producer revealed how fans hoping for a rich crossover in the first season would likely be disappointed.