Hearken unto thee, o Gaben, for doth thy pockets line with lint.

The sale has started, but we suspect no damage will be done to your wallets. However, we can’t say the same for your debit cards. Summer marks a time where families are torn apart by bad financial decisions, and teenagers grow beards in the darkness of their basements, as the whole world segregates itself in silence, simulating trains, trucks, and if Focus Home have any sense, Cycling Simulator 2013.

The servers are overloaded right now, as you’d expect, but here’s a screengrab of what you can get on offer today. We recommend:

Mars: War Logs, Hotline Miami, and, of course, Skyrim. A somewhat disappointing lineup for the first day, but Suare Enix hosted their own 75% off sale only weeks ago, so expect Tomb Raider and Hitman a little later on.