Telltale has announced the release of the fourth episode of The Walking Dead game. Titled Around Every Corner, the newest episode will see its release this October. There has been no information as to exactly what date.

Even though each of the episodes is available by download, Telltale has also announced a boxed retail compilation of all five episodes that will be released on December 4.

The last 3 episodes were released two month apart from each other so it’s pretty safe to assume that the fifth and final episode of The Walking Dead will be released at the same time as the boxed retail compilation.

Here’s the teaser trailer for Episode 4. If you haven’t played the first three episodes then be warned: this video is 100% spoilers.

Activision in association with Terminal Reality is also hopping on to The Walking Dead bandwagon. They announced in July that they are releasing a first-person shooter unoriginally called The Walking Dead video game. The game will be based on the TV show unlike the Telltale version which is based on the comics. The Walking Dead video game is expected to be released in 2013.