The War Z forum and game databases have been hacked. As a result, OP Productions has temporarily taken down their servers.

The information accessed by hackers include forum and game email addresses and passwords as well as in-game character names and IP addresses.

Fortunately, they explain that no payment information like credit card numbers have been exposed as all payments are done through a third party.

“Therefore there was absolutely no exposure of your payment or billing information of any kind.”

OP Productions is investigating the matter and have hired outside experts to enhance their security.

“We are undertaking a full review and update of our servers and the service we use and adding additional security mechanisms. In addition  to this post, we are emailing all of our players just to make certain that everyone is informed and has been advised to change their passwords.”

“This has been a humbling experience for us. While we all know that there is no guaranty [sic] of security on the internet, our goal is to try out very best to protect your data. We sincerely apologize.”

This isn’t the first time The War Z got hacked. Earlier in January, they suffered “various forms of malicious attacks.”

Source: OP Productions