It was in for a bumpy ride. Named “The Bore Z”, popular British commentator Total Biscuit’s look at up and coming [actually, post launch now – or is it?] zombie survival MMO from Hammerpoint Interactive, makers of War Inc. obliterated the title, pointing out innacuracies in both the promotional materials and the description of the game found on Steam.

Total Biscuit himself by his own admission is not a games reviewer, so his first-look video, which was played from the perspective of no prior knowledge, showed that the game did not introduce itself well. With no tutorial and still extant bugs, the video made no attempt to mask the fact that The War Z is not a finished product.

Having pointed out inaccuracies such as Steam claiming the game has 100 player servers, when in actuality there are only 50 player servers, and pointing out the fact that the clearly doctored promotional screenshots don’t in any way reflect the content of the game-play, many viewers were out-raged either having paid for the game, or because they felt John Bain “didn’t know what he was doing.”

It is not yet known if Total Biscuit’s video impacted the decision to take the game off for sale, but it seems reasonable to suggest that community out-cry over the irrefutable arguments over inaccuracies had something to do with it. Valve and Hammerpoint have yet to release a statement, but when they do we’ll keep you updated.

The below image is an example of what the game doesn’t feel/look/play like – in my opinion.



No one is denying that Total Biscuit’s coverage was harsh, but it is deservedly so. He is not a reviewer, and is not obligated to go into any game wanting to like it. There’s an obligation to want to understand it, but as he pointed out himself, there’s no tutorial and no real way to get to grips with it in a short hour long play-through. These types of games just do not work in this format – in that they often don’t come off very good – and that isn’t Bain’s fault. Planetside 2 is overwhelming to some through lack of a tutorial, but it redeems itself by offering a decent, polished experience. It’s true that Hammerpoint have suffered greatly due to some horrible PR leaks, and the fact that the game left alpha and even beta in its current state does nothing in their favor.