Well, the new generation of consoles had a good 1080p run — around 2 months before games are capped at almost 720p in order to graphically compete. Titanfall is no exception, although Respawn hope to have the title at 900p for launch.

900p is a funny thing. Visually similar to 1080p with scaling, and from your couch, but indicative of a new hardware unable to deliver on promises of HD gaming. Where do you go in 3, or even 5 years time? If we’re already resolution capped, what hope is there without a quick hardware upgrade down the line?

Community manager Abbie Heppe let us know through the Titanfall Blog, along with the news that Respawn could “potentially” have it around 900p on launch.

The native resolution of 792p is not the same as, say, 720p on consoles, since many 720p games run at lower resolutions and are then up-scaled to that resolution. 792p in this case would be upscaled to 1080p.