Remember the Steam Summer sale? That £2.50 ‘joke’ that became an internet sensation, Train Simulator 2012, which supported its own range of meme’s and gag’s throughout the sale, has upgraded itself to the next edition of the game without anyone knowing.

“Train Simulator 2013 (Standard edition) will be available on Steam from 20 September 2012. From that day, Train Simulator 2012 will no longer be available on Steam.

What do I get in Train Simulator 2013?

Anybody who already has TS2012 will receive all the new features totally free. However, existing TS2012 users will not get the new TS2013 routes and locomotives for free. TS2012 users who want all the new content will find that the most cost-effective option is to simply buy a copy of TS2013.”

It looks as though the folks over at are ready to capitalize on their unlikely success in the mass-gaming demographic, by upgrading the cosmetics of 2012 to 2013, but keeping that sweet content to themselves. In a nut-shell, users will upgrade to the new platform for free, but all of the news trains and routes will have to be purchased separately. By their own admission, it’ll be cheaper to purchase Train Simulator 2013 “again” to get all of the content from the new update.

Train Simulator remains one of the most graphically beautiful simulators on the market, and is a very competent simulation suite. It has enough breathing room for newbies to simulation to get going, and everything keen train-ies(?) need for a realistic train experience. Many people who bought the game on offer found themselves enthralled, for at least an hour.

It remains to be seen exactly how many people will upgrade to 2013 proper, but it’ll be a damn sight more than if 2012 didn’t hit the Summer Sale in true cult fashion.