While Call of Duty: Ghosts isn’t necessarily a bad looking game, most would agree that it isn’t technically ground-breaking.

Because of this, many were surprised when Activision announced the 6GB RAM requirement to play Call of Duty: Ghosts on the PC. Most high-end builds are more capable of this requirement, but it still left many puzzled as to why the technical barrier of entry was so high. After all, a 6GB RAM requirement means that many PCs not designed for gaming will be unable to play the game. This cuts off what most would expect to be a large portion of the fanbase.


However, some players of Call of Duty: Ghosts have posted that the actual RAM usage is generally under 2GB, even on the game’s highest settings. Within a few hours of the discovery, a group of tech-savvy gamers were able to find a workaround, creating a crack that lowers the RAM requirement for the game. The workaround turns the RAM requirement into 4GB, a far more accessible requirement (though some believe this to still be too high).

It seems bizarre that Activision would include this requirement, when Call of Duty: Ghosts allegedly runs fine on under 2GB of ram. It seems unlikely that the developers were unaware of the redundance of it, particularly when crackers found a solution within hours of release.

Players of the game have also reported being unhappy with the games FOV, which is locked to just 65 degrees. A fix was released, in the form of a utility called Fovely, but the link for downloading it was removed after reported threats from “everyone’s favourite publishing firm”.

Activision have yet to comment officially on the matter.