Xim4 is a mouse and keyboard adapter for Microsoft’s newly release console Xbox One. The adapter is currently in development and is scheduled for release in Q1 of 2014.

I, myself find it very hard to play shooters on consoles, could be that I just suck at it but I am so much better while playing on a PC. For all people like me, who suck at playing shooters on console there is hope. Xim4 is an adapter for the Xbox One which lets you plug in your keyboard and mouse into your console. Many people claim that this is considered cheating, which I can understand since you would get quite the advantage over the regular players using controllers.

Xim4 is the sequel to Xim3 and some of the new features are that you don’t need to plug in your adapter to a PC to retrieve a game configuration anymore, everything is done wireless. The developer has released an app that makes configuration a lot easier. According to the development blog, The Xim4 is only available for the Xbox One at the moment but developers hope they can release the adapter for the Playstation 4 as well;

“XIM4 is currently running against Xbox One. The current issue with Playstation 4 is that it does not offer any form wired connectivity to Dualshock 4 controllers (which wasn’t the case with Playstation 3). We have every intention to bring XIM4 to Playstation 4.”

For more information about the Xim4, look at the video below.