Valve has revealed the hardware specs of the very first Steam Machine prototype which will be sent out to 300 lucky Steam users.

According to Valve product designer Greg Coomer (Steam name Gregori), the first prototype “is a high-end, high-performance box, built out of off-the-shelf PC parts.”

The 300 prototype units will ship with the following compontents:

GPU: some units with NVidia Titan, some GTX780, some GTX760, and some GTX660

CPU: some boxes with Intel i7-4770, some i5-4570, and some i3

RAM: 16GB DDR3-1600 (CPU), 3GB GDDR5 (GPU)

Storage: 1TB/8GB Hybrid SSHD

Power Supply: Internal 450w 80Plus Gold

Dimensions: approx. 12 x 12.4 x 2.9 in high

“It is fully upgradeable, allowing any user to swap out the GPU, hard drive, CPU, even the motherboard if they really want,” he said. “Apart from the custom enclosure, anyone can go build exactly the same machine by shopping for components and assembling it themselves. And we expect that at least a few people will do just that.”

“As a hardware platform, the Steam ecosystem will change over time, so any upgrades wil be at each user’s discretion.”

Considering that technically anybody can recreate the Steam Machine providing they have their own budget, it should be worth noting that Valve isn’t trying to develop a console. The Steam Machine is merely the suggested gaming hardware for the living room.

“So high-powered SteamOS living room machines are nice, and fun to play with, and will make many Steam customers happy. But there are a lot of other Steam customers who already have perfectly great gaming hardware at home in the form of a powerful PC,” he went on. “The prototype we’re talking about here is not meant to replace that.”

“To be clear, this design is not meant to serve the needs of all the tens of millions of Steam users,” he explained. “It may, however, be the kind of machine that a significant percentage of Steam users would actually want to purchase – those who want plenty of high performance in a high-end living room package. Many others would opt for other machines that have been more carefully designed to cost less, or to be tiny, or super quiet, and ther ewill be Steam Machines that fit those descriptions.”

Unfortunately, Valve isn’t “quite ready” to post a picture of what the prototype looks like yet but that’s only because it’s not finished yet. However, Coomer says they will show what the prototype looks like as soon as the first 300 units are shipped.