The Play store on Android devices is flooded with freemium, premium, and F2P. The problem is: what’s worth your time and money, and what isn’t? Very rarely do we actually come across a game worth playing that doesn’t require limited investment to enjoy it properly, with most models implementing steep progression curves universally. Because of this, after around 10-20 minutes of game-play we’re often faced with a screen offering us a boost… at a price.

Cordy Sky is something else, though. Maybe it’s a loss leader, who knows, but Cordy first graced our palms with Silvertrees Cordy, a high quality freemium side-scroller for Android. One of the first 2.5d platformers for Android, Cordy was met with great acclaim for his style, polish and value. Unlike many mobile developers, Silvertree Media never really slipped into a method of tricking gamers into forking over cash. With the original Cordy, you simply got the first few levels free, and had to buy the rest if you enjoyed it. There wasn’t any orchestrated difficulty unless you were forking over the dough.

Likewise, Cordy Sky carries this ethos over completely, offering players a different style of gameplay to the original Cordy, but with as much polish and reluctance to force players to spend. Silvertree Media are consistently consumer friendly, and it pays off for both themselves and the players.

A F2P title, you can download the full game for free with no additional cost. Featuring the same 2.5D style, and of course the same adorable electro-friend, the aim of the game is get as high as possible, collecting gears (which is the games currency) as you go. Featuring 6 lengthy stages and challenging addictive game-play, Cordy Sky is a steal for anyone who needs a quick distraction. It’s bright, pretty, colourful and polished – with little stopping you from fully enjoying all the game has to offer.

It’s possible to complete the “story” of Cordy Sky without forking over a penny, and nothing you can buy decreases the difficulty of the stages themselves. Indeed, everything in the store is up for grabs using the in-game gears system, but you’ll find the highest level power-ups require a huge amount of gears.

Costumes are also purchasable with both real life money and in game currency, but you’ll find it easy to save enough to buy some of the cooler, less expensive costumes – not that you need them to enjoy the game.

Along-side costumes, you can also buy power-ups and safety nets, such as: a bubble that saves you if you tumble, a 450m jump or a 900m jump, a magnetic double jump. Power-ups are consumables, and most importantly aren’t necessary to enjoy or complete the game. Abilities are up gradable up to three times, but, likewise, aren’t necessary to get the full experience.

Cordy Sky offers the option to purchase a substantial amount of items at the higher levels through the Play portal, buying gears. Whilst casual gamer’s will neglect this feature, it’s important to note that one such power-up doubles the amount of gears your collect in game. For 69p, this base power-up is probably worth the cost for anyone who wants to save up and buy other features. I never felt I had to buy it, but I wanted to because I was having a great time playing the game, and felt the business model implemented by Silvertree Media was fair – and that’s something of a rarety in F2P, especially on the mobile markets.

Jump and float; avoid trap doors; hit switches and grab gears as you climb to the edge of space to collect parts for Cordy’s space ship. What it lacks in originality, it makes up for in game-play. It’s Cordy Sky, a great, free title from the Play store.

Highly recommended for those of you who want a high quality F2P title that doesn’t feel like it’s channeling you towards your wallet.

If you like it, give them a few pennies – if not, don’t – it’s entirely up to you.