Finally, it’s here. Telltale just released the first episode ”All that Remains” from their second season of ‘The Walking Dead”. The expectations from the world were high, But still, Telltale manages to deliver a game that’s not just thrilling, it’s touching, heartwarming and B-E-A-utiful.

During the last couple of weeks, I’ve been lurking around Telltales official forums constantly, trying to obtain every little clue about what the company would deliver this time. A couple of screenshots and a couple of vines, that was about it. But my expectations were still sky high, could the second season be as awesome as the first one was? After I completed the first episode ”All that Remains”, my honest opinion is yes, they can. I will try very hard to review this game without giving any spoilers.

Clementine's skills will be put to the test.

Clementine’s skills will be put to the test.

“Previously on The Walking Dead.” 
The Second Season begins with some flashbacks, We’re shown footage of the first season, people we’ve lost, people we’ve killed and people we’ve spared.
The first ten minutes of ”All That Remains”, I play it with my mouth wide open. Telltale has managed to deliver a storytelling that’s out of this world, the game has received a makeover, the HUD is better looking than it was in the first season and the music is brilliant, the game just seems more polished this season. And of course, it’s good to see Clementine again.

Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q, E
The gameplay is the same as it was in the first season, it’s a point-and-click adventure but it feels different to be playing Clem instead of Lee Everett.
In the first season, Lee could pick up an object and smash a walker’s face in, no problem. Clementine may have grown and toughened up a bit, but she is still just a child, which makes this season a bit more about avoidance than about face-smashing. (Even though you’ll get to smash several faces, don’t worry.)     Clem is also more agile than Lee, making the experience a whole lot different than it was in Season One. Telltale’s The Walking Dead still have a lot of events where you have to mash buttons and time clicks in order to get yourself out of tricky situations.

New group, new relationships
During the first episode, you’ll get to see some familiar faces, some even just for a second. You’ll be constantly reminded that it’s not just Clementine’s world that has gone to hell, that goes for everybody. While trying to survive in a world infested with the living dead, Clementime looks back on events that occurred in the first season, reminiscing about Lee and all the skills he taught her, skills that will come to good use in the second season.
The little girl is a bit more of a loner than Lee was, she’s more focused on getting stuff done rather than talk. You still make choices during conversations, but during the first episodes, nothing being said seems to have a major impact on the storyline, so far. Clementine get’s to build up relationships yet again with a new group of survivors in season two, something that turns out to be a challenge for her. People are having troubles trusting her for various reasons.

Puppy dog eyes
Clem gives the impression that she is still just “a little girl”, but appearances can be deceiving. During the first episode, she proves that she has grown and that she can do very well on her own. That’s something she does not want to show everybody. In the two hour long episode, Clementine occasionally plays on the sympathy of the adults, pretending that she’s just a scared little girl, flashing her brown puppy dog eyes.

The first episode builds the foundation of what looks to be another great title from Telltale Games, who’ve set the bar pretty high. Much of the story is left to be unfolded in the upcoming episodes. But All That Remains delivers a well-written experience full of suprises. Though, it almost seems to be a reintroduction of Clem, kind of like getting players back into the post-apocalyptic zombie infested world. We don’t get to know that much about the new people Clementine encounters during the episode, all we know is that some of them have a hard time trusting our protagonist and that they have some big secret that we can’t wait to dig into.

Lee is still on Clementine's mind.

Lee is still on Clementine’s mind.

The protagonist may be a young girl instead of a convicted felon in this season, but Telltale has not gone soft. The game still features hard decisions to be made and incredibly graphic sequences that will make you squirm.  All That Remains will get your heart pumping, your adrenaline flowing and your jaw to drop. And to quote Telltale Games co-founder and President, “The world doesn’t care if you’re a little girl.”

And he’s right, the world doesn’t give a fucking shit.