What was it that caused players to love the Battlefield: Bad Company games? Was it the humour in the single player campaign? Was it the multiplayer part of the game? Not even DICE themselves know this, so they are not sure how they would develop a sequel.

Bad Company 1 and 2 are a pair of really good games. It’s been a couple of years since the latter one of the two titles were released, and many people were hoping for DICE to announce a third game for this year. Instead, EA announced that Dead Space developer Visceral Games were releasing a Battlefield game this year, about cops and criminals. According to a recent interview with Eurogamer. DICE CEO Karl-Magnus Troedsson does not even know what people liked about the two titles, they are not sure what we are expecting.

“Some people say they found the multiplayer controls faster and more direct,” he said. “Some people liked the single-player and the characters and the humour. People love different things about it. It’s starting to almost get to that place where, if we were to make a sequel to Bad Company, what would than even imply?”

He also says that it’s risky to go back to such a beloved franchise as Bad Company, and make a third game. “It’s scary to go back and try to remake an old fan favourite when actually no-one can really put their finger on what it is people love. Bringing back the characters and creating a great single-player out of that, sure, I can understand that.”

But this does not mean that a third Bad Company game will never happen; “It’s never dead. You can always revive it, as with any TV series, movie or IP. It’s going to come down to, if people really want it and if a team inside my group really wants to build it, then sure.”

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