Nintendo has revealed the details of the Wii U’s internet browser which will not support Adobe Flash or any plug-in whatsoever. Not only that but the browser will not have the ability to save or upload images and videos to the internet. However, as expected, players will be able to use the browser while in mid-game. You will also be able to use the browser on the GamePad while watching TV.

The browser is provided by NetFront, a company based in Japan that develops browsers for mobile devices. They have provided mobile browsers for the Nintendo 3DS, the PS3 and the PSP. The NetFront browser is up to par with HTML5 web standards and has earned a score of 328+8 from, a browser analysis website that ranks web browsers. For the sake of comparison, the website gave Internet Explorer 10 a 320+6, Firefox 16 a 372+10 and Chrome 22 a 434+13. The Xbox 360, which sports Internet Explorer 9, only scored a 120+5 out of a maximum of 500 points.

In short, despite having no Adobe Flash, plug-in compatibility or the ability to upload videos and images, it’s a pretty damn good browser.