In a letter to their Origin customers, Maxis have revealed that anyone who has purchased a copy of SimCity on Windows will be able to download the Mac client at no extra cost. They said that the game will be fully cross-platform, with Mac players able to compete or cooperate in Windows based regions.

This statement comes weeks after EA offered a free premium game to all players affected by the launch issues, and is no doubt in part a move to appease customers further, whilst at the same time adding an extra level of credence to the claim that Maxis’ cloud servers are actually useful further than keeping players on line, and the game uncrakced.

To Our Fans,

SimCity will be coming to the Mac on June 11 as a digital release via Origin™. If you have purchased SimCity for PC, either as a physical or a digital copy, you will receive the Mac version as a free digital download on Origin on June 11.

Via Origin, SimCity is cross-platform compatible, so all players will be able to play together across the same servers. You will be able to play both versions with the same Origin account, allowing you to seamlessly continue cities, achievements and leaderboard progress across the PC and Mac.

If you have purchased SimCity for PC, the Mac version has already been added to your Origin account. On your “My Games” page, hover over SimCity and click the info button. You will then see SimCity on Mac in the “Add-ons & Bonuses” section. You will be able to download and play the Mac version on June 11.

The Maxis Team

It’s unknown as to whether people purchasing the game for Windows after June 11 will also get a Mac copy free, or if Mac purchases will receive a Windows copy for free, but this seems unlikely after the June 11 hand out.

Welcome to SimCity, Mac users.