Several “developers and other industry professionals” have told CVG that Microsoft will be revealing the Xbox 720 this April.

One of their sources who is actually a Sony official said he was notified that the PS4 unveiling in New York “at first caught Microsoft off-guard.”

Apparently, Microsoft will unveil their next-gen console at a one-off media event in early April. However, it is expected of Microsoft to discuss next-gen tech as early as this year’s GDC in March.

The company has been declining comments since rumors started to spring up regarding their next-gen plans last year.


Even after Sony’s big PS4 event, Microsoft still hasn’t officially disclosed anything about their next-gen console. This leaves the company even more vulnerable to both negative as well as positive rumors. Either way, a next-gen console surrounded by a number of different rumors can do a 180 and bite Microsoft back in the ass. Too many negative rumors will cause consumers and possible investors (GameSpot) to lose confidence in the next-gen console affecting sales. On the other hand, too many positive rumors will cause the consumers to expect more from the Xbox 720 quite possibly disappointing them in the end depending on what they reveal.

Your move, Microsoft.