Xbox players found themselves struggling to log into Microsoft’s gamer service Xbox LIVE today. Users have been unable to log in, play multiplayer games, message friends and even access some of their single player games that are saved on cloud.

Shortly after, a video from hacktivist group Anonymous detailing the reasons behind the attack. The video states that their attack is targeted towards both Microsoft and the scammers and hackers within the Xbox LIVE service, saying that while people are constantly getting cheated and griefed in online play, Microsoft has done nothing to update security or prevent this kind of behavior.

many members of anonymous are gamers who respect the conditions of gaming and find the use of hacking online gameplay or accounts completly unethical and counterproductive, we have therefor decided to target the x box live hackers and purportraitors themselves. if you are a hacker who thinks taking over someones account during modern warfare is leet, then we will show you the reality of cyber warfare. users of x box live who are involved in scams, hacking and malware distribution will be swiftly and systematically removed from the community.

Anonymous has therefore decided to take it upon themselves to purge the community of these false accounts for the “good of the community” and that LIVE’s collapse may merely be birthing pains for a better community.

However, there are other sources claiming to be Anonymous, saying that they had nothing to do with the attack at all, and that it could be a different group altogether.

Either way, anyone who has been using Microsoft’s game service should consider changing their passwords and protecting their credit card details in light of the recent events.



Personally, there are so many people on the internet claiming to be from Anonymous that it’s hard to really get the true story from these kinds of things. I do think that at least a few members of Anonymous took part in this attack, the video is the kicker, for me. Unfortunately I don’t believe this attack is going to make a real difference to the gaming community. Console players aren’t quite used to the dangers of the internet and it makes a lot of sense that a lot of scammers have decided to migrate to XboxLIVE and try to trick people over there.